Laughing Gas

More commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” is the most commonly used form of sedation in the dentistry world.  It is administered to the patient by having them inhale the gas, which is carefully monitored by your doctor.  The patient will fall into a euphoric state and feel 100% relaxed.  All feelings of fear and anxiety will fade away while the dental procedure is performed.  All needed dental work can be completed in one visit while the patient is sedated.

The dental procedure of sedation is very safe and effective.  Once the procedure is over, the gas will fade away fairly quickly.  The patient will probably even be able to drive themself home and return to their daily activities.

In order to make sure that you are an eligible candidate for gas sedation, you will need to have a preliminary visit with your dentist.  If you have been worried about your next dental procedure, there’s no need!  Ask us about the different forms of sedation dentistry and schedule your appointment today.

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