Periodontal Splinting

Remember when you were little and you had loose teeth?  Eating apples and other foods was particularly difficult.  This is the same as an adult with loose teeth.  They are uncomfortable and the feeling of the tooth pulling away from the gum is enough to send chills down your spine!  It may seem like an eternity, waiting for the tooth to either become loose enough to be extracted or strong enough to no longer bother you.

Teeth can become loose as an adult for a variety of reasons.  Most are due to lost gum tissue, injury, orthodontic treatment, or pressure caused by tooth misalignment.  A new technique called “periodontal splinting” attaches weak teeth together to make them more stable and stronger than the single teeth by themselves.  This procedure is most commonly performed on the front teeth and is fairly simple.  A composite material is used to attach the loose teeth to the adjoining stable teeth.  Due to its effectiveness and ease, tooth splinting is a common procedure that has gained popularity.

Life is too short to live with loose teeth as an adult.  Contact our office today for a periodontal splinting consultation.

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