Osseous Surgery

When there has been a significant amount of gum recession in a particular area of your mouth, a soft tissue graft may be needed.  Changes to your oral hygiene routine, with an emphasis on taking better care of your teeth and gums, can help slight gum recessions.  When gums are receding, it exposes you to greater risk for infection and bacterial penetration.  Sensitivity to hot and cold foods is a common side effect when you have receding gums.  If your gums recede enough to expose the root of your tooth, more serious problems can occur.  Since the root of your tooth is softer than the enamel, it is more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque.

A soft tissue graft can be performed to restore proper gum level and functionality.  Your dentist can either remove soft tissue from the roof of your mouth or reposition healthy gum tissue to perform this dental process.  This procedure is has a high success rate and should be performed before more serious problems develop and periodontal surgery is necessary.

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